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Background on this Website

This website provldes two major resources for the Registrars in the Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

  • Repository of resources created by Registrars in the different Divisions
  • Repository of concept maps created by Registrars

Each Division of the Department has regular journal reviews and discussions on academic topics, which are usually only attended by the small group of registrars in that particular unit.  Because of the patient load and other time constraints, others who might benefit are unable to attend.  All the preparation that goes into these multiple academic meetings is largely wasted.  Registrars will regularly produce PowerPoint with accompanying audio and place it on this site for the benefit of others.

The Department is also piloting the use of concept maps (using CmapTools) to promote meaningful learning in our Registrars.  Their concept maps will be made avaiable for all to use on this site.

For a more compelte discussion of this portal, click HERE.

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