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Instructions for Registrars

Please look through the topics suggested below for your research project.  Please contact the consultant responsible to find out more on the topic you are considering.  You are not limited to the suggestions listed here.  If there is another topic you would prefer, please discuss this with the relevant consultant.

Research projects should be selected and submitted for ethics approval (if appropriate) within the first 12 months of starting the MMed course.

Registrar Research Topics

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DivisionSorted By Division In Ascending OrderTitleLeaderEmailCell
EndocrinologyAdrenal incidentilomas: Structural & functional characterizationProf Ascott-Evans 083 627 5508
EndocrinologyRadiological and histological characterization of pituitary tumour behaviourDr Magda Conradie 082 890 3336
EndocrinologyLocal risk factors, causes & pathophysiology of osteoporosisProf Stephen Hough 083 256 2300
EndocrinologyOptimizing compliance in the management of hypothyroidismProf Brynne Ascott-Evans 083 627 5508
EndocrinologyManagement of diabetes in pregnancyDr Magda Conradie 082 890 3336
EndocrinologyMolecular biology of stem cells, adipocytes & osteoblastsProf Stephen Hough & Dr William Ferris 083 256 2300
GastroenterologyRefractory oesophagitis – is there a role for routine oesophageal biopsies?Prof Christo van Rensburg 083 458 4040
GastroenterologyThe role of culture of liver tissue in HIV + patients with cholestatic liver diseaseProf Christo van Rensburg 083 458 4040
GastroenterologyBarrett’s esophagusProf Christo van Rensburg 083 458 4040
GastroenterologyNon-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseProf Christo van Rensburg 083 458 4040
GastroenterologyH pylori eradicationProf Christo van Rensburg 083 458 4040
General MedicineThe Spectrum of Illness in the Medicine Department at Tygerberg HospitalDr Steve Walsh 071 155 2226
General MedicineHigh Care at Tygerberg Hospital: an overview of the case load with recommendationsDr Steve Walsh 071 155 2226
HematologyTreatment outcome in AIDS Related Lymphoma (ARL) patients at TBH Dr.G.Sissolak 072 7950828
HematologyAntibiotic management in the immunocompromised patient - current state and future recommendationsDr.G.Sissolak 072 7950828
HematologyAnalysis of outcome in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia patientsDr.G.Sissolak 072 7950828
Infectious DiseasesRelationship of TDF related renal dysfunction with PI’sDr Jantjie Taljaard 083 419 1452
Infectious DiseasesOutcome of patients failing regimen 2 ART continuing on failing regimenDr Jantjie Taljaard 083 419 1452
Infectious DiseasesDescriptive study of TB drug induced hepatitis (part of bigger study)Dr Jantjie Taljaard 083 419 1452
Infectious DiseasesRetrospective analysis of HIV related deaths: in the ID Clinic and in HospitalDr Jantjie Taljaard 083 419 1452
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