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Gastroenterology Survival Guide for Registrars

Welcome to the Department of Gastroenterology. We trust you will enjoy the 3 months that follow.

Weekly Programme:

  • 9am     Medical outpatients.
  • 2pm    Pathology Meeting.


  • 8am       Journal club.
  • 9am     Medical registrar gastroscopy list.


  • 8am     Journal club.
  • 9am      Infectious disease/hepatology/GIT clinic, Surgical registrar gastroscopy list.


  • 8am     Journal club.
  • 9am    GIT clinic.


  • 9am     Gastroscopy list ( Surg/Med Registrars alternate). GIT clinic.

You are on call every 3rd week Monday to Sunday. Discuss all ward referrals with the consultant on call. Be sure to get the name and cell and home telephone numbers of the sister on call with you for the week.  The secretary (Sandra) will provide you with a call roster at the beginning of each month.

Only 1 week during the 3 months is allowed. Please request your leave at the beginning of the rotation.

The rotating medical registrar is expected to present at one of the obligatory internal medicine academic meetings:  Monday pathology and the Thursday academic meetings. Please get a copy of the respective annual academic programme from the secretary (Sandra). The journal club roster is formalized one week in advance. Please use evidence from reputable journals and databases.

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