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Hematology Survival Guide

Responsibilities of Medical registrars during their Haematology rotation

1. Monday 8-8:30 a.m.: Departmental Business meeting
2. Outpatients' clinic (Monday to Friday): The outpatients’ clinic at X-block starts at 9 a.m. The start of the out-patients’ clinic takes priority and any work related to inpatients’ management (if not done by 9 a.m.) has to be deferred to after the end of the out-patients’ clinic (except for emergencies). 
Ward rounds with the consultant on call will take place twice weekly: every Monday and on a Thursday or Friday. All inpatients and new referrals will also be discussed on a daily basis with the    consultant on call.
3. UNIT meetings
  • Every Friday at 10 a.m. in our OPD at X-block: combined meeting with Radiation Oncology
  • Every Thursday 1-3 p.m. at the Haematopathology seminar room on the 9th floor: 
    Our academic meeting for Haematologists has a service as well as an academic component (agenda for the Academic Thursday programme will be mailed to you each month). 
  • Combined Nuclear Medicine meetings: twice monthly on a Thursday (see Academic Thursday programme).Venue: 10th floor, Department of Nuclear Medicine.
  • Clinical case presentation (bed side teaching) once a month (Thursday 1-2 p.m.)
    Once a month, a registrar will prepare and present a patient for the department’s clinical case presentation meeting held in one of the wards (D8, 9 or 10). After the case presentation, there will be a discussion around the patient regarding all aspects of the condition, i.e., diagnosis, management, etc. 

    Registrar responsibilities for the combined meetings:
    Each registrar will prepare for one of the above meetings, together with the consultant who is not on call. The responsible registrar presents a summary of the history and relevant clinical findings. The colleagues from the other disciplines will then show the bone marrow morphology, lymph node histology or PET-CTs of the respective patients followed by a discussion. Usually not more than 2-3 patients are presented at each meeting.
4. Patients for bone marrow transplantation:
Each month a registrar will be allocated to expedite the preparations of patients for referral to GSH for transplantation.
5.   Haematology Files.
Dedicated files are used for all patients. It is important to ensure that patients are clerked and all relevant results are available in the folder and that the front page summary sheet is completed. Please ensure that chemotherapy sheets are updated as well. On discharge, a summary of inpatient events must be written in the folder.
6. Administration of chemotherapy
Attached are the protocols for some of the chemotherapy regimens that we administer in the unit.
When prescribing chemotherapy, please ensure that you have counterchecked the script with a consultant.
All patients should have written consent taken prior to commencing chemotherapy. This should be filed away in the haematology folder. 
Patients should also be counselled and advised about contraception whilst on chemotherapy.
All the best
The Haematology team 
Tygerberg Hospital
October 2010

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