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How do I copy a cmap to a USB drive?

So you have created a folder for your concept map (using CmapTools) and attached some resources to it (Figure 1).  Now you need to send it to your USB drive. Let’s see how easy it is. (Click HERE to download the PDF )

Figure 1

CmapTools stores cmaps in My Cmaps
First a bit of background: when you install CmapTools, it creates a folder for your cmaps in your My Documents folder called My Cmaps.  The entire route to the folder will be something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Steve Walsh\My Documents\My Cmaps
– on your PC replace the Steve Walsh with whatever name you are known by on your computer.

On your computer’s desktop there is usually an icon called My Documents (pointed to by the red arrow in Figure 2).  If you double click on it, Windows Explorer opens and you will be taken to the My Documents folder.  There you will see the My Cmaps folder where CmapTools stores all your cmaps and resources (Figure 2).  
If your PC does not have the My Documents icon on the desktop:


  • Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories and select Windows Explorer (see Figure 3). This will get you to the My Documents folder where you will see the My Cmaps icon as in Figure 2.

Figure 2

My Documents folder
Figure 3

Loading Windows Explorer
Double click on the My Cmaps icon to see all the folders you have created for your concept maps (Figure 4).

Figure 4

My Cmaps contents

Let’s say you want to copy the Pneumonia folder across to your USB drive.  Insert your USB drive into a USB port.  Now right click on the Pneumonia folder and select Copy (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Copy the folder

Then click on the little plus sign next to My Computer to expand the available drives.  You should see your USB drive (see the red arrow in Figure 6).

Figure 6

Locate your USB drive
Right click on your USB drive and select Paste (Figure 7).  You are done!

Figure 7
Paste the folder to your USB drive

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