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How do I email a concept map?

Open up Outlook and create a new email. Click on the little paper clip icon to attach a file (Figure 1). (Click HERE to download the PDF )

Figure 1

Click the paper clip in Outlook
Navigate to the folder that contains your cmap, select it and click on Insert (e.g. in Figure 2 the Pneumonia.cmap file is selected).

Figure 2

Navigate to the folder
Your cmap file is attached to the email (Figure 3).  You can attach more files by repeating the process.  Some Internet service providers set a limit of around 1MB on the total size of the attachments.  If your attached files exceed this, the email server might generate an error message.  In that case you will need to zip your folder and email that (see the article on the website entitled “How do I zip and email a concept map folder?”).

Figure 3
Send the email with the attachment

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